written by Ashley on April 17, 2020

Horse Girl: Movie Screencaps

Have you gotten a chance to check out Alison’s movie Horse Girl on Netflix yet? The story – co-written, produced, and starring Alison – is a personal story for Alison! Horse Girl isn’t your typical romantic comedy or indie flick and deals with serious mental illness, as well as a few spoilers we don’t want to give away! If you’re looking for an intense two hour journey – and some incredibly well acted plot that will leave you falling down a rabbit hole of theories after you’re done – make sure to add Horse Girl to your Netflix list!

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written by Ashley on January 22, 2020

Horse Girl – Trailer and Production Stills

Alison’s film, Horse Girl, is premiering at Sundance this week, but that’s not the only good news! It looks as if Horse Girl will be coming to Netflix on February 7th! From the Sundance website, the following synopsis is provided:

Sarah (Alison Brie) has a quiet and fairly simple life, contenting herself with the crafts-store job she holds, the nightly supernatural crime TV show she adores, and the equestrian center she visits constantly. When a gift impulsively stirs her curiosity about her family history, unexpected and strange dreams begin to disturb her. As these visions seep into her waking moments, Sarah struggles to hold on to her fragile reality.

Check out the trailer below, as well as screencaps from it, a poster for the movie arriving on Netflix, and two production stills!

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Welcome to Alison Brie Network!

Hello and welcome to Alison Brie Network!

First of all, let me begin by saying: Happy Birthday, Alison! I’ve been hard at work on this site for the last few months, building and compiling all I could to make this the internet’s newest source for information, news, and photos for Alison fans! I wanted to launch today, specifically, to celebrate Alison on her special day! You might recognize Alison from her early work on the hit show Mad Men or the standout comedy hit Community, where she played Annie Edison! Perhaps you might also recognize her from her standout roles in Sleeping with Other People or her voice acting work in BoJack Horseman! Currently Alison is starring as Ruth Wilder in Netflix’s original show GLOW, where she’s had the chance to direct, as well as star, and is currently nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series!

Please make sure you swing by our photo gallery to see over 88,000 appearance photos, screencaps, and photoshoots!

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GLOW: Season 3 – Screencaps

I’ve added close to 5,000 HD screencaps from the newest season of GLOW to the gallery! Check out a few samples below, then follow the link to the gallery to view all 10 episodes’ screencaps!

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